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Studio News & Update

We sold our home and have purchased a home on Yarker Road to live in while we ready for building our new home. Despite the need for patience on our part, once the ball got rolling things went very smoothly and with much ease. Just as they are meant to. Phew!

We have made several attempts with land purchases and the universe thus far has held us from completion, so apparently, we have not yet found where we are supposed to end up.

With that in mind, let's keep our heads up and our energy positive towards an end goal. For those still connected and wanting items - I'll be keeping the delivery & pick up bin, as this has proved to be a helpful addition to obtaining items of need for students & customers.

Our new (temporary) home will be located at 3700 Yarker Road and the bin will be out front of the garage for ease of picking up your goodies.

I do have aromatherapy inventory still available. I'm not fully stocked, but do have a fairly good selection of items (my batches tend to be smaller, but orders do still make their way in, so I have been blending from time to time). If you are interested in making holiday purchases, the inventory can be seen on the website. I also have new bottles for garlic olive oil (now in amber glass bottles w/ phenolic caps) that have a seal. I'll also be making up some garlic ghee for the holidays which will come in a 250ml glass jar.

I hope to be back to teaching in the spring (regardless of whether or not we have land purchased soon, or not). The yard on Yarker Road is a great size and could easily accommodate outdoor yoga with a good amount of privacy. There has also been consideration of getting a yurt...wink, wink...

We begin our renovations on Yarker Road on November 19th and plan to be fully moved in by December 1st. During that time, I won't be available much for blending, but once we are settled in, I'm sure I'll be eager to get into the holiday spirit with some great smelling stuff.

I hope you are well, healthy, happy and enjoying regular mindful movements and breathing.

In health & happiness,


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Congrats! Hope to see you in the spring!

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