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Wholistic Nutrition

& Lifestyle Education

Clinical nutrition services are available for people and their four legged family friends.   Currently on hold until new studio opens.

Live Cell Analysis are currently on hold until the studio re-opens. 


Clients can call, text, email or message directly from the main page about scheduling private consultations.

Below you'll find links to new client forms, which can be filled out for your first visit.

I'm also happy to assist my current students will helpful hints, tips and natural health suggestions during appointments, private classes, or after class time.

Client NSP Assessment Form
Download, Print, Fill-in & bring
Client Lifestyle Form
Download, Print, Fill-in & bring
Beach Meditation

Wholistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consulting   

The body has an amazing capacity to maintain, heal and be well, if given the proper tools, support and means to do so.  Through lifestyle assessment, food awareness, helpful supplementation, I guide my clients with sound nutrition information to meet their individual needs.  As an RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist), food enthusiast, forever inquisitive food creator & cook/baker and long time students of learning all things wholistic, I offer guidance in food, drink, herbal, homeopathic, aromatherapeutic & more.  I believe in the vast knowledge of collective wisdom based on traditional methods, time honoured and generational experience.

Health suggestions from a consultation can provide a plan for food, supplementation, herbal support, aromatherapy products, yoga asana, breathing techniques, lifestyle suggestions & overall wellness tips to provide health and wellness to each individual clients concerns.

Although single sessions are available, I highly recommend committing to a 3, 6 or 9 month plan that follows monthly scheduled visits to ensure higher rate of reaching and maintaining health goals.  Live cell Microscopy can easily be integrated into consultation visits as a useful and practical guidance tool.

Healthy Pets - Nutrition & Lifestyle

Nutrition & lifestyle education/consultations are also welcomed for feline and canine companions.  With only minor anatomical differences, our pets are made up of the same stuff we are.  They too benefit from wholistic perspectives in all things health related.  Improvements to diet & lifestyle can help maintain vitality, boost their wellness and extend quantity as well as quality of life.

The majority of pets take really well to dietary changes with little rejection in many cases, especially with dogs.  So often healthful changes are simple and effective.

Through dietary, supplemental and lifestyle changes, we can help ensure your pets live a long, health & happy life.

Health Consultation Pricing:

$120 first session consultation

$100 per hour there after 

3 month plan $280 (3 sessions, booked approx. 30 days apart)

6 month plan $500 (6 sessions, booked approx. 30 days apart)

9 month plan $675 (9 sessions, booked approx. 30 days apart)

The average first consultation can range between 1-2 hrs depending upon how many facets of health we explore, if body work or live cell microscopy assessment is involved and how complex the situation is.

Clients may also be interested in a full health plan that includes unlimited yoga and additional health services.  More info click here

For the Love of Maple Syrup Cookbook 2nd Edition is available at the studio for $12 

2022 Maple Syrup in limited supply - 1L glass bottles & 4L plastic jugs

2023 Maple Syrup can be pre-ordered.  Contact Jo to be put onto the list

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