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At this time, my teaching schedule is rather full; however, I hope to re-start private class options come July 2024.


One-on-One classes

    Completely personalized practice that focuses on what your specific needs and desires are. Jo-Anne will provide guidance to create an experience that will target the areas that present both challenge and opportunities for growth.  This type of class is also ideal for those that either don't feel comfortable in a typical class setting, or that have specific challenges that are better suited to a one on one guidance situation.

Private Group Classes

     This type of class is great for those students who have similar desires or needs from their practice or who wish to practice together, but not in a regular public class. 


Any private practice can be taught in a format that best suits the needs of the student(s) present.  You can specifically request a yoga style, a range of styles or format that we both feel comfortable with.


Sessions can be booked individually (1 isolated class), or as a group of sessions (ie. for the month of October, or every Thursday for the next 6 months...)


Classes start promptly on time.  The door wil be closed & locked once the class is started.  No late entry will be permitted out of respect for the yoga tradition & those practicing

Private Class Prices & Fee Structure​

Private Class*:

$80 - 60 min  (up to 10 people)

Private Group Class with more than 10 people:

Base fee + $5 p/p to max of 20 student total

For larger groups, please contact the studio to discuss your request.

*Add'l fees will be charged for classes outside the studio (depending upon travel distance required)

Classes may be booked as a individual "one off" situation, on a weekly or monthly basis, or a set of classes.  (ie. for the month of October...)

Once a class is booked, that time is reserved.  Minimum 24 hrs notice is required from a student or group of students to cancel or re-schedule the session, otherwise the regular fee will be charged.

For group sessions (on-going) - if a student misses a class during their regularly scheduled time, they may be allowed to attend another studio open class within 1 month of their missed class.


Inclement weather policy - if weather becomes a problem for safe travel to make the scheduled session, a decision to either cancel or re-schedule the class will be made no later than 3 hours before the beginning of the session. 

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