Ever wonder what's going on inside your body?

Live Cell Microscopy can help. Live Cell Microscopy sessions offer a real time look at what's going on.  During the session a small pin prick size amount of blood is drawn and  Jo-Anne will use a specialized Microscope to view both the living cells & oxidated cell samples.  The session is a very interactive experience as clients get to view their cells, while we discuss findings and resulting recommendations, which will focus on dietary factors, lifestyle suggestions and possible supplemental suggestions.

The total body volume averages about 60-70% water.  Blood is a vital part of that liquid volume, circulating nutrients, oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange throughout the body.  Just as all people are different, so is their "biological terrain" & live cell pictures.  While Live Cell Microscopy cannot diagnose illness, the cellular environment can provide very helpful information in accessing areas to improve through healthy diet & lifestyle changes.  

Your first visit can provide us with a baseline of your current health picture is and acts as a starting place to work from.  Follow up appointments will create a great tracking tool to see the results of your health plan coming into action.  

Sessions are ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about their health and foster well-being.  Live cell microscopy can be especially helpful those who are currently taking supplements to access if you are gaining benefit or provide assistance for those suffering from ill health, acute and/or chronic health conditions, by providing a visual understanding of the body's biological terrain and health status.

Basic Introductory Session $30 (live cell analysis only w/ basic recommendations)

Full Introductory Session $70 (live cell & dried cell analysis with full recommendations)

Follow up sessions $40

IgA/IgG Blood panel testing (sensitivity & food allergy)   TBA

Session information to come late Spring 2020.

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