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Current Yoga Class Offerings:

Wilton HallMondays @ 6pm & Fridays @ 9am

Art & Life Circle - Roblin - Wednesdays @ 530pm & Saturdays 9am

We hope to start offering on-site outdoor classes in our new screened in Gazebo platform looking out into the forest & river come July 2024

Yoga Class Pricing - As of January 1st, 2024

Single Class: $18 - attend when you can


Class Passes paid by e-transfer or credit card

(valid for up to 6 months from start date)

5 class pass $75 ($15/class)

10 class pass $140 ($14/class)

20 class pass $260 ($13/class)


Single class $15

If you would like to commit to a pass of 10 classes or more and pay CASH, you'll pay $12/class (will be valid for 6 months) -

no e-transfer or electronic payment for this offer 

If you miss a class, you can attend another class of your choosing (so long as there is sufficient room in that class), during the current pass length and that you have informed me that you'll be missing class.  If you have missed classes and your current pass has expired, no make up classes will transfer to your new pass. Advanced notice of missing a class is greatly appreciated.

    To be put on our current student contact list, please connect with us or become a member of the site with a log in.

613-328-6422 (talk/text)

We offer a limited # of mat spaces for students per class depending upon the class type & current restrictions in place.    


If you are new to the studio and wish to attend a class - give us a call or send us a message via our home page.  I can help direct you to an appropriate class.

We accept the following forms of payment:

Cash, E-transfer, Credit Card

Class Descriptions & Policies below

(Classes offered can vary depending upon circumstances, student need & my availability)

Deep Stretch - A slower paced class that focuses on releasing back, hip, neck & shoulder tension and looks to loosen and lengthen tight muscles. 

Destress & Restore - we'll focus on several gentle inversions utilizing the wall & feet up props, incorporate healthy ranges of motion that help to relieve tension in common areas and enjoy breathing mindful.  Extended lengths in restorative type postures.

Feet Up - traditional yoga class enhanced with this versatile and very useful prop to assist in a variety of shapes from reclined, seated, standing, balancing and inversions if appropriate for student practice.  Limited to 7 students

Flow & Restore - flowing sequences of postures guided by the breathing pattern, followed by fully supported restorative type postures.  A nice complement for those looking to build confidence & stabilization the body while movement through postures safely and finding ease in our body-mind while being more still.

Foundations (Beginners) – Starting with the basics, students will gain an understanding of postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), energy flow (prana vinyasa), and begin to explore some of yogic lifestyle philosophy.   

     (Foundations is offered when I have sufficient interest for a class to run - for those new to yoga - if you don't see a foundations class on the schedule, please contact us anyway - there is likely a suitable class on the schedule that would be a great place to start, or let us know that you are interested in joining the foundations class)

Gentle Hatha – suitable for all levels, this class offers a focus on proper alignment and finding smooth movement and subtle strength within the physical body while easing the chaos of the mind.  Class pace is slower and gentle in its postures.

Gentle Vinyasa (Flow)– suitable for all levels, this class offers a slower moving flow than vinyasa.  Focusing on using the breath to guide the body through postures with flowing sequences of movement. 

Hatha – great for all levels.  Ideal for those looking to improve flexibility, strength, balance and ease in being.  Postures, breath work and relaxation are key components to Hatha practice.

Restorative – This meditative and restorative style of yoga offers students a chance to recharge, refresh and renew themselves.  Class will entail fewer poses held for longer periods of time, while being fully supported using props and blankets.  The use of weighted props may also assist in receiving benefit from each supported posture.  Limited to 8 students

Salutations & Meditation - there are several versions of salutations (flowing sequences of movements connected to & supported by breath).  We'll explore many different types of these patterned flowing sequences followed by a few types of meditation tools and techniques.  A sun salutation is an example of this type of series of postures.

Stability Ball (“yogalates”) – ideal for all levels, the class focuses on building strength, co-ordination and balance.  Incorporating the benefits of yoga & pilates with attention to core stability, safety while exercising and building confidence in functional fitness.  Limited to 12 students

Strengthen & Stretch – Suitable for all levels looking to challenge themselves to build strength, balance, improve posture and willingness/desire to be a bit upside down everyone once in a while.  A lovely compliment of strength, focus, concentration and softness within the body and mind. 

Vinyasa (Flow) – Integrating Hatha posture with flowing sequences of movement, all guided by breath.  Moderate practice suitable for those familiar with practice and comfortable with transitioning up and down on a regular basis.

Yin – suitable for those looking for a meditative and slow practice focusing on landing into long holds of seated, reclined or prone postures.  This style of practice ideally is free from the muscles, landing deep within the supporting connective tissues of the body (tendons, ligaments, fascia), creating a gentle, mindful healthy "stress" to the bones & joints.


*Class Cancellation Policy:

  • If a student is signed up for a class - 24 hours notice before the start of a class will be required for cancellation.

    • If the student contacts the studio within the 24 hr timeline & the notification is acknowledged w/ my response (via phone, text or e-mail) – the student will not be charged for the class.

  • If the student contacts the studio less than 24 hours before the class begins – their pass will be charged for the class, with the option to attend a “make up class” of their choosing (provided there is sufficient room) within their current pass.

  • If the student does not show up for class and gives no notice, the student will be charged for the class and no make-up classes will be offered.

  • Minimum of 5 students to run a class.  If a student cancels their class less than 24 hours before the start of class - the class will continue.

  • Class run or cancel decision will be made as efficiently as possible by 6pm evening prior for am classes and 3pm for pm classes.  Where weather is a factor, these times may vary depending upon conditions.


Classes start promptly on time.  The door will be closed & locked once the class is started.  No late entry will be permitted out of respect for the yoga tradition & those practicing

purusha prakriti.jpg
What students have to say about the studio...

Thank you for sharing your gift with your students.  I feel comfortable and capable in my practice now, despite my challenges, you always offer options making the practice accessible for each of your students.

A.M. Harrowsmith


You are my whole life favourite teacher. I'm 50 next month so I can say whole life with meaning.

M.E. Yarker

Just want to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy your classes! You hit just the right tone all around – music, pacing and level of challenge, and attitude/approach. So glad I found you/your studio J Thank you! The posture clinics have been a very valuable learning experience.

G.W  Kingston

I feel that the strength that you have as an experienced teacher with our group is that you can develop your class “on the fly” with a focus on our identified problem areas that day.  I love each class.  

C.S. Harrowsmith


Thank you so much for a great class last night. I must say I have never experienced Yoga in this way. You are the best teacher that I have had. I enjoyed it so much that I’m looking at doing the ‘prana pass’. You’re voice is so relaxing.  Thanks again for an amazing yoga experience.” 

B.M Yarker, Ontario


Just a quick message to you to thank you for opening up a whole new world to me.  I’m loving yoga class and look forward to every class I attend. You have a way of mixing things up so that they don’t become the same repetitive routine week after week, and I always feel so incredibly refreshed after your classes.” 

C.B. Yarker, Ontario


Jo-Anne is a wonderful, enthusiastic, easy-going and extremely knowledgeable instructor.  Her anatomical knowledge is such that she could be regarded as a therapist as far as I am concerned.  I really enjoy her class. ” 

N.L  Kingston, Ontario


I’ve been doing yoga for 8 years.  Since I’ve been coming to your class, I love that I learn something new each time.   I really appreciate all that you do for us.  

N.M.  Odessa, Ontario

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful retreat. I can't tell you how nourishing it was- to mind, body and spirit - and how it will continue to be for some time. And it was a nice group! You have many gifts - thanks for sharing so generously.

M.T.  Yarker, Ontario

I thought the retreat was perfect. I enjoyed the pacing and time for discussion.

G.W. Desoronto, Ontario

I love Jo-Anne's sense of humour and passion for yoga. Her explanations and adjustments are very helpful. Love the meditations at the end which are the perfect ending. So glad to have discovered her!

L.D-M. Tamworth, Ontario

I love Jo-Anne's sense of humour and passion for yoga. Her explanations and adjustments are very helpful. Love the meditations at the end which are the perfect ending. So glad to have discovered her!

L.D-M. Tamworth, Ontario

Thanks for all you do.  You are an incredible instructor.  I enjoy yoga so much!!.

K.K. Odessa, Ontario

I can honestly say that I will never forget my first Jo-Ann yoga class!

I love the way you guide and give possibilities.

R.D. Napanee, Ontario

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