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A wee bit about Jo-Anne


Come and join us at the studio and we can continue to learn together :)

Enjoying the fun side of yoga asana

Jo-Anne Hopkins

Certified Aromatherapist,

Registered Holistic Nutritionist,

Experienced Yoga Teacher, 

Live Cell Microscopist

I believe that it's my life's purpose to learn and then share that knowledge with those around me.  I do my best to not be pushy with awareness or knowledge, but sometimes am so enthusiastic about what I've learned that it just bursts out.  It is my hope to help those who wish to learn more about their physical bodies, their spirit and their true selves will join me in the joys of yoga practice and holistic lifestyle.  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.


Jo-Anne Hopkins is the owner of Live Love Laugh Do Yoga.  She is a multi-faceted health nut.  She brings 3 decades of holistic health care experience and appreciation to her practice and health offerings.


Jo-Anne believes that her main purpose in life is to learn and then share that acquired knowledge with others.  Her learning journey has been filled with joy, struggle, frustration, hard work and ultimately an understanding that she will never be finished learning.


She prides herself on providing a positive, enthusiastic and welcoming environment for students and clients to learn about their body, mind and spirit, as they share their learning journey with her.

Over the years, she has provided various holistic health care services to her clients both two and four-legged.  She continues to offer services for both people and their pets.

Jo-Anne's brief history:


1999 - Canine Massage Pracitioner Certificate

1999 - 2004 - Owned Lap up the Luxury (offering holistic health care exclusively for companion animals - dog & cat massage, dog grooming, holistic pet nutrition & basic training for dogs - began teaching career)

2000 - Obtained Ear Candling & Aromatherapy Certification

2004 - Obtained Registered Holistic Nutrition Diploma (RHN)

2005 - Completed various health courses through Queen's University

2005 – 2010 – Private Practice – Natural Alternatives Wellness & Nutrition  (offering aromatherapy & body care services including massage, spa services, nutritional consulting, pet services, as well as offering natural body care products.  Also offered regular teaching seminars on various health subjects)  

2005 – 2010 – Operated the Kingston Branch of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as the Branch Manager and active teacher

2012 – Obtained her Registered Yoga Teacher Training Certification (200 hr) – Hatha from Janati Yoga School

March 2015 – Jo-Anne qualifies for E-RYT (Experienced Yoga Teacher +1000 hrs. teaching) designation with the Yoga Alliance.

July 2015 - Table Thai Massage Level 1 from Lotus Palm Montreal & Intro to Yoga Therapy w/ Susi Hately-Alderous. 

August 2015 - Aqua Yoga Training w/ White Crow Yoga

April 2016 - accumulated 2000 hours teaching yoga

February 2018 - Certified Live Cell Microscopy Training through Health House & Capillary Puncture Certification through Anderson College.

February 2020 - accumulated 3000 hours teaching yoga

April 2020 - Completed YTT 300hr Certification through Janati Yoga School, which grants me the new designation of RYT500 with the Yoga Alliance.

May 2022 - Completed Practical Herbalist Certification through the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing.


Jo-Anne has had an active & diverse yoga practice for over 30 years.  She brings well versed understanding of yogic lifestyle, philosophy and principles to her classes, sessions and retreats.


What students have to say about the studio...

"I’ve been doing yoga with Jo on and off for a few years now. I started doing private sessions and then transitioned into her public classes. I love how fluid her teaching is. She is amazing at intuitively reading the room and creating the perfect balance for what everyone needs from the practice. She challenges your body and mind and creates a beautifully well-rounded practice, which does not stop when you leave the studio. She is so knowledgeable and I’ve never worked with a teacher who knows more about the human body and how it moves. When I heard that the studio was reopening after the initial covid lockdown, being a new home-schooling parent, I jumped at the chance to sign my family up for private classes. My 7yo and 9yo love their weekly time with Jo and I’m seeing positive results in their everyday lives. Not only is it beneficial physical activity, it’s a practice that connects mind, body and soul and instils habits which can be carried throughout a lifetime . We absolutely live, love, laugh and do yoga!"

A.S. Odessa, Ontario

" I want to say thank you for 100 yoga classes, hours of laughter, miles of information on health, wellness, personal care; and encouragement to everyone in the room no matter what their skill level. Also for sharing your lovely yoga studio with us - a space of joy, healing and above all the practice of yoga!"

S.F. Moscow, Ontario

I am really enjoying the variety of yoga styles you are teaching and love each and every class. :) 

A.P. Yarker, Ontario


"Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for today.  Your enthusiasm and energy is so inspiring!  I loved the class!" 

J.C., Odessa, Ontario


"That was great Jo.  Well taught.  I look forward to another." 

S.W. Kingston, Ontario


"Thank you so much for tonights class.  I'm glad to be back to yoga.  I think for some reason, I'm supposed to be in your class specifically.  I feel so much better every time I leave.  Thanks again"

K.L. Yarker, Ontario


"Jo-anne is the whole package, and teaches Body, Mind and Spirit. I feel very balanced after a class. I sometimes find her calming energy and voice coming into my brain between classes, telling me to breath and reassuring me; "Everything is as it should be" Jo-anne is truly a teacher you need to experience for yourself!! "

A.S.  Yarker, Ontario

"Thanks again for last night's class.  I enjoyed the whole session, but was particularly pleased to hear your 'blurb' about disc/spine/budging and the importance of keeping straight and tall to avoid injury.  I find it helpful and motivating when I understand why I'm moving/holding a posture. "

B.S.  Yarker, Ontario

"Thanks, Jo-Anne. That Yin class was awesome. My lower back was free of its usual pain and stiffness the next day and my hip joints feel more open. Can’t wait til the next one!"

M.T.   Odessa, Ontario



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