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Studio Announcement

Further to my announcement on April 15th, I have some additional news. As we continue to try and navigate the pandemic and its effects on us all personally and professionally, I’ve been directed into making some difficult decisions in response, feeling this is our best course to take.

With a date to be determined, the studio will be closed for an extended period of time. Chris and I have chosen to expedite the finishing of our home and decided to list it for sale. We have an accepted offer (pending the sale of our property) to purchase a home in the Odessa area, while we continue to look for a new property to once again build and start over. Rest assured, a yoga studio and wellness space will be part of our home design and build. I am unsure as to how long it will take, but I assume at least a year or two for our new build to begin.

In the meantime, I will continue to offer one-on-one, private health consultations and yoga sessions by appointment, as well as skin care products, supplements and health supports.

A list of continued business operations are below:

· Private Nutrition, Health & Live Cell Consultations

· Private Yoga Sessions for up to 3 people (I’ll have a dedicated room for small practices & consultations)

· Private Body work therapy sessions including aromatherapy

· Health Shop online & in person when this is once again possible (I’ll have a small shop set up in the home with a separate entrance for this)

· Current Studio recorded classes (video & audio) already on website for downloads.

· Live on-line zoom classes

· Seasonal on-site outside yoga classes during suitable weather conditions, if I can find suitable space to do so.

Any student with an active, current pass, please connect with me and we can work through options to ensure you get value for the money you have committed to, either through private options, on-line yoga & session related purchases. I am also open to discussion on using your credit towards product, if discussed and agreed upon (within certain limit restrictions). I am open to suggestions and willing to work with you to continue supporting your yoga & wellness journey.

Once we have an agreed upon sale of our current space, I will put together an approximate timeline for our transition over to our new “temporary” home in Odessa. At that time, I will begin the search for a possible rental venue for offering public yoga classes.

You may have questions. I am open to discussing those with you.

Recently, I have been having difficulties with email, again, erg! As a general rule, I like to respond back to people within 24 hours. If I have not done so, likely, the message hasn’t been received. Please try again, or please try calling to speak with me directly. You can also use the contact us section of the website.

In health & happiness,


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