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Rush Rush Rush, YOGA YOGA YOGA

Rush, rush, rush.

Whether you are a "regular" to yoga or new to the practice, hopefully soon the physical and mental dedication to yoga practice will hit you like a ton of brick, smack you across the face, stop you in your tracks and really start to sink in. Let is grab ahold of you and become part of who you are and who you are becoming. Yoga is an opportunity to constantly practice. This I better understand now that I've practiced for years.

Rushing seems to be a way of life now and this is really distressing to me. Despite my desire to slow down, my mind keeps adding more and more and more. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone here.

So, in response, I dig in deeper, get on my mat, breath, move and devote time to the practice. Once again, humbled and for a brief period in my day, things slow down. As long as I surrender my mind and body to the practice itself, truly breath, become present and immerse myself in the healing that truly is the art, science and lifestyle of YOGA, I am once again reminded, oh right, STOP rushing!

I take on too much. This I know. I understand. On a scale of 1 to 10, I've managed to dwindle down to a 12 or maybe an 11 on the independence scale, when I am consciously trying to "dial it down". Hahaha - a constant state of practice in this area. Chris will attest to this, I assure you. I'm extremely difficult to help. Some days I think he feels I'm a lost cause in this area. But, it is something I am trying to improve upon. We all have our flaws. I tend to over work, over think, over do, push hard and sometimes can be "pushy". This I know, acknowledge and again - all a part of the practice of yoga. How to begin the moderation, the practice of mindfulness and continued efforts to adjust, improve and learn how to "be" instead of "do" all the time.

Yoga provides a space to learn all these things and so much more. Regardless of who you are, what you do, how you act, there is always an opportunity to do yoga.

I am about to take a week "off" of my daily work - yay - time off. A little less rushing and hopefully some sleeping in. One of my bosses at the shop - came to me yesterday and said..."you need time off, don't you?" To which, my eyes lit up and said YES! But... fill in all the conversation needed at the time... then ultimately - he just said - okay, next week - you'll take holidays - good, "GOOD", yes - Yippee! This morning I get a text message from his wife, saying "I hear you are taking some time off. Try not to work harder at home than you do at the shop, okay! Enjoy your efforts to sleep in". Lord love these lovely people. They know me fairly well. This makes me laugh and re-affirms to my mind - yes, re-dedicate Jo - double your efforts to NOT RUSH, breath, take breaks and ultimately, live yoga as much as possible. I am no good to anyone when I've hit the wall.

I've "hit the wall" many times in my life. Luckily with my now 3 decades of practice under my belt, I'm much better at recognizing when I'm about to the hit the wall. Yes, I know 3 decades! Seriously Jo, how slow of a learner are you? Well, when you're stubborn like a mule, somethings just take time and effort. LOL!

All this said, rushing can create some interesting challenges, frustrating scenarios and sometimes mis-steps, mistakes that could be avoided if we take time to breath and be present. Slow things down even if momentarily to give our minds and bodies a chance to "catch up", to think more clearly, precisely and in the end, likely with less effort, less stress and more steadiness.

While I'm "off" from work (my daily routine job) outside of yoga, I'm hoping to add a bit more information to the website about our building progress and how the plans and preparations are going with our new H'OMe.

Come on back and check out the updates soon.

In health & happiness,


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