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Feeling like crap? Maybe you're full of it...

Hopefully I caught your attention with my bad sense of humour. But case in point, keep reading…

In the following except taken from ““Dr. Jenson’s Guide to Better Bowel Care”, Dr. Jensen shares a very personal experience in how something seemingly unrelated to bowel health proved to be a huge learning experience that was life changing for him.

“…I experienced problems with my left hip and leg. I went to five or six chiropractors in the hope that they would help me. Even though their techniques and therapies were masterful, I receive only the most temporary relief. It shortly became obvious that my problem did not lend itself to joint manipulation or chiropractic spinal adjustment alone. I needed something additional. I visited my family physician to see what he could do, but this approach wasn’t helpful either. After giving much careful thought to the situation, I decided to take the matter in to my own hands…

During a lower (GI) study, the colon is filled with liquid barium via the rectum, and under mild pressure, the barium goes into any diverticula that may exist….

It became clearly and instantly evident that I had a fairly large diverticulum in my colon. Confirming this with an x-ray, I began in earnest to take steps to detoxify my colon by making improvements in my diet, consuming foods high in fiber, and taking regular supplements…I also added more exercise to my personal health regimen. As my bowel movements became more regular and copious over a period of two weeks, my hip and leg troubles left me.” Pg. 81

While you may not necessarily have the same circumstances that Dr. Jensen has described, the principles of good bowel health that relate to overall wellness are universal. If you experience any of the following, know that there may be a link to your bowel function:

Headaches & migraine, back pain, dementia, depression, forgetfulness, drowsiness, fatigue, burning sensations, repetitive/sudden/involuntary movements, lack of concentration, light sensitivity, indecision, brain fog, bloating, pain behind the eyes, sensitivity to noise, malaise, dry eye, skin sensitivities, allergies, abdominal cramps, indigestion, nausea, dry eye, tearing eyes, high or low blood pressure, cataracts, bad breath, body odour, IBS, gas, insomnia, skin problems, premature wrinkles, cysts, clammy skin, arthritis, itchy skin, leg or foot pain, muscle twitching, muscle or joint inflammation, kidney problems, frequent infections, repeated degenerative/negative thought patterns, sciatica, hormonal imbalances, asthma, and more.

Do not misconstrue that all these issues are because of your bowel dysfunction; however, do understand that the health of the bowel can greatly impact any bodily function either positively or negatively. A happy and healthy bowel will form stool well, of proper size & consistency. You should not struggle or strain to have a bowel movement and a healthy well moving bowel will clean itself 1 to 3 times per day. If this is not you, maybe consider taking steps in a positive direction.

3 basics steps:

1) Drink plenty of clean, fresh water daily. Ideally warm and at least 1 glass with a squeeze of fresh lemon in it.

2) Ensure you are getting sufficient soluble and insoluble fiber daily either through food or supplementation.

3) Ensure you are getting sufficient healthy omega 3 fats daily either through food or supplementation.

Outside of this, potentially working with a holistic health professional with experience in better bowel care principles can help you “move” better. Live Cell Microscopy is a great tool in better understanding the terrain inside the blood, the body and the impact on the bowel environment.

Trust me, when you have a clean bowel, you simply feel better!

In health & happiness,


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