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Are you looking down?

Thoughts for our current challenges….encouragement to come practice safely.

Over the last several years, issues relating to anxiety have come to the attention of the world. Much of the world seems to exist within a very time sensitive way and it always seems as if we never have enough time. In today’s world of rush, rush, rush, we have forgotten to stop and take time for the things that truly matter. We have, in a sense, created much of our own anxiety.

In an effort to be and stay connected, we have lost touch with real connection. Social media, news, world events are happening 24/7 – 365. We are now so informed about every second of every day of everything going on that our brains are on a bit of overload. Things going on in the world related to war, suffering, illness, tragedy, hardships & negativity are happening world over, every day. This is no different than years past, either days, years or centuries. The difference is our access to this information. Many folks are connected all the time, we are given this information several times every day, sometimes; hourly or even by the minute if you are connected to your personal device as if your very life depended upon it.

What benefit does it serve for someone to be told repeatedly the same information each and every day, sometimes so many times, that it’s hard to think of anything else? If these messages are with negative impact, I can’t think of a single reason why this repeated, on-going, inundation of information with negative undertones bares any good energy, good thoughts, or positive intention in any way. I do believe that you need to be made aware of issues, but the on-going, repetition is excessive and very detrimental to our very own nature.

Exposure to negativity, repeatedly creates more negativity. Instead of feeling like we are at war with a virus, or being at war with each other over different views or moral standing is really detrimental. Hopefully we can start to shift our mindsets.

Let’s better prepare our bodies and minds with the tools necessary to maintain health. Let’s examine our views on things, so that we can cultivate a bit more kindness. What we can do is build strength of mind, strength of body, build healthy tissues, healthy, positive attitudes, cultivate gratitude, strengthen immunity to assist the body in fending off invasion?

What we can do is practice. We can fuel our minds and fuel our bodies with nutritious foods, healthful thought patterns and beneficial behaviours that will support the body’s ability to identify an invader, trap, collect, disarm and disable it, then expel it from our tissues. We can practice all facets of health promotion from what we eat, to what we think, to how we interact with the people and the world around us.

Limiting exposure to a virus (or negative ideas, thoughts) is one step, which as a community, many have done very well. But there is always room for improvement.

Be mindful, respectful. If you are ill, stay home to avoid spreading. If your attitude is poor, you’re feeling judgmental, maybe seek guidance or look to practices that can adjust the minds set.

If you are well, get out, get physically active, be with other people, but do so safely.

There is a huge difference in the mind when you identify the difference between “social distancing” and “physical distancing”. Repeated exposure through reading and hearing these simple words does make a difference in your mind. Social distancing, especially now, during this challenging time, is really a bad idea. Social distance implies isolation, loneliness and maintaining distance from those close and not so close to you. Physical distancing is a completely different matter. Be with other people, especially those you are close with, comfortable with, spend time with loved ones, friends and family, but at a comfortable distance. Humans are social creatures. Being in the company of those who can help to lift our spirits, help support one another and provide connections. To be able to see someone’s face, understand what they are saying, see their body language and share in healthy communication patterns is vital to the health and well-being of people.

False connection through various channels of “communication by convenience” poses additional challenges to our social connections. There is only so much that can be conveyed through email, chats & various other forms of social electronic interactions & “social networking” that exist for us now. If you find yourself in a negative head space, attempting to find support through positive words, positive people, those that can give you emotional support, uplifting or kind words or even taking time to focus on a positive intention, something that makes you feel happy, joyful or brings a smile to your face. Also taking the care your mind deserves and distancing from those negative interactions that do not add to your well-being.

Can we stop looking down? Can we step away from our devices for a length of time? Can we disconnect from these social streams? Can we stop looking down at others via a tiny screen that truly doesn’t exist? Can we stop look down at other people and start looking up? Can we truly look at others and maybe just maybe, offer a smile? Stop looking down to “see what’s happening” on our screens and start looking around and truly see what’s really happening in the world, in our own family, on our own yard, in our own community?

Can we release a bit of fear and start to re-establish connection?

yoga community legs up

Yoga is a great tool, not just for the body, but also for the mind. If you’re willing to step into your practice, whether it’s inside, outside, on your mat, or off your mat and into the world, it can provide a source of support if you let it. If we’ve lost touch with your practice, maybe it’s time to re-connect to it. Dive right into all the facets of yoga, to feel a sense of connection with the world around you, with the community of folks who also practice yoga.

Come practice yoga. We continuously strive to create safe space that is clean, peaceful, fun and joyful. We are practicing with limited numbers of students per class to ensure that physical distance can be respected. Please come share in the practice and watch what wonderful things can unfold.

If nothing else, but to allow space for any anxiety, any added or changing stress that we are currently challenged with, yoga can support you, if you let it.

Please don’t let your fear be your guide. Do your best to embrace the innate wisdom in your body. Do your best to choose your words wisely, both those you say and those that you whisper only to yourself.

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