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Warmest of holiday wishes

Solstice has now been and gone, so we can now enjoy the thoughts of longer days, more sunshine ahead and as the days progress, the start of yet another new year.

So much has taken place and seemingly nothing really at all over the last 2 years.

I wish EVERYbody a healthy & happy holiday with hope and continued well wishes for 2022.

This year has been filled with lots of change for me both personally and professionally. I never would have imagined that 2021 would present what it did, and yet, here it is. We decided on a gut feeling to quickly finish our home and list for sale. We waiting, trying our best to be patient for just the right buyers to come along. While patience grew thin, so did our thoughts of fruition. Surrender is what it took. As always, release of attachment, illusions of control and ultimate surrender to energy, allowed us to let go and just let things happen. End result, positive and much less struggle. 😅🙏

We were able to quickly purchase another little house as a temporary landing space. Though it needs a fairly substantial amount of work, much of an upgrade from a trailer that we used with our last 'crack at it' (which I have both fond memories of as well as more fondness to when we were able to say goodbye to it as it drove away) 🤣💩🚿. Yay for plumbing, hot water and a tub!

The studio bumps over the last 18 months eventually took their toll on my mental and physical well-being. I felt the need and eventually was pushed into making very quick decisions. Many of you may recognize my feeling/expression during class....."theirs a huge difference between asking and telling". When we are forced into challenge, we must discern the best course of action at the time. I cannot give from a dry well. It must have a reserve of water in order to be of health support to both myself and my students. The "overflow" is a wonderful space to have abundance to offer from, but of we either allow or are pushed into a state of drought, then abundance is no longer available.

If you've been on the website this week, you may have noticed significant changes to content, including the removal of the store, products and the ability to purchase either items of video content. Costs need to be restricted when their is relatively little revenue, almost non matter of fact.

While the world chaos continues, I plan to take a meditative approach to when I am meant to re-emerge. If you need skin care, products, I am not stopping blending. This will never cease, I may simply re-design so that I have photos and descriptions on the site, but orders will need to be sent directly to me to be filled.

We have made several attempts with land purchases, all of which have not been completed for one reason or another. The universe is making us wait. Again with patience and surrender.....back to practice each and every day. Oh yoga, how I love you. Right now, I wish lessons were a little less painful and more immediate, but alas, it is not meant to be.....just yet.

Maybe some 'snowga' in the future. Time will tell.

Feel free to touch base and say hello.

From our home to yours 🙏🧘💞🌲❄️💓☃️

In health and happiness,


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