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Tough Day? Try a few postures...

You can practice on your mat, or off your mat... a few postures suitable for doing before bed, while actually in your bed...

Begin with a deep inhale through your nose. As you exhale, allow your mouth to open and allow for an audible exhale. See if you can lengthen your inhales and exhales to about 5 or 6 seconds in length, this is wonderful. If exhaling while sighing is helpful, enjoy a few more. Then return your inhales and exhales to travel through your nose. Nice slow, steady, long breaths.

We can all use a bit of comfort & support. Coming to your mat, or even using your bed as a means to slow down, calm the mind and refresh the body.

Unwind your mind, open your chest, undo all that forward rounding of the day and allow your back to find relief.

Help relieve tension from the legs, stretch toes, ankles, calves and thighs.

Help release your hips, low back and lightly stretch your upper back and shoulders.

Take deep, long, full belly breaths.

Now either lay down and observe your breath and allow the body to naturally fall asleep or enjoy some quiet time to download from your day!

Take care folks. Om Shanti

Thank you again Morganne for your time and talents with a camera :)

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