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Simplicity of Yoga

Yoga is gloriously simple. This does not imply that it's easy. If you've been in my class, you've likely heard me say this once or twice, or for the 10 millionth time. Each time I find myself struggling to understand something in life, when I'm under stress, in times when I'm feeling down, dark, sad or angry. If I've had enough of anything, anyone or a challenge I'm facing. I continue to turn to yoga as a way to reset my energy, my mindset and how I choose to interact with everything and everyone around me.

Every single time I practice, once I'm done, I feel a better sense of ease in body or mind or both; if I have practiced mindfully. Am I saying that yoga fixes everything....far from it. But what I am saying is that if I'm not practicing, I quickly am reminded that I need to and when I do, it gives me a sense of calm. It brings me into the present moment enough to re-set my awareness and get me to a grounded place where I can be a better person.

The entire experience of yoga; the physical asana (postures), the pranayama (breathing practice), the meditative state created through either hatha (yin/yang practice) or vinyasa (flowing meditation from posture to posture), the focus and concentration required to safely practice and within the presence of the moment, the time and presence of mind to experience whatever emotion that has been with me and whatever arises that needs to be felt. All of this comes together to create the union that is yoga (to yolk or unite). A connection between my body and mind, my body/mind and my environment and a connection with my breath that connects me to the rest of the world.

Yoga is so many things. It can be different things to different people. To me, it is the gift of the universe to all person kind who wishes to be part of something greater than themselves and in return, the opportunity to learn, grow, experience and ultimately to simply BE.

For 2023, may you be blessed with the "itch" to do yoga. May you be grateful for your physical body for your ability to move it mindfully. May you be grateful for your mind and its willingness to arrive you in the yoga experience and may you be grateful for the breath for making the entire experience possible in the first place. I hope you will be reminded often that yoga can allow you the opportunity to more fully experience life and all its amazing, wonderful, powerful adventures.

May 2023 provide me with the strength & fortitude to continue working towards my ultimate goal in offering a safe, powerful, energetically supportive space for people to come and experience yoga. May we together enjoy the healing powers of Yoga with ease and simplicity.

OM Shanti,


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