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Should we believe everything we think?

I don’t think so…

As part of my mindfulness practices, I continue to remind myself that when I think something, especially when I seem to be really attached to it, or feel very strongly about it, I need to take time and ask myself why? Why do I believe this, is my thought really true, is it fact, or is my opinion simply that; an opinion.

I do my best to assess whether I am actually telling the truth? Is my belief in this thought something that is actually valid or is it simply opinion? Can I find flexibility in my mind to see other paths, thoughts, ideas?

Is our current state of constant mental activity, constant engagement with technology and social media platforms serving our highest good, or is it feeding our thoughts and driving our thinking patterns? Personally, I find more often than not, I need to turn away from social technology, as often times there are things, thoughts, situations presented that feed into negative thought patterns and before I know it, I’m in, engaged, agitated and just not okay. It takes me time to disengage, re-align, let go and move forward from a more productive, effective, light and positive way.

When I create a thought based on things I see, does this have a positive or negative effect on my thinking patterns, the judgments I make about people, situations and the world around me? Are my thoughts constructive, are they productive? Can I be more kind, respectful and helpful in my thoughts?

Is there any negative judgement to the things I see, experience or am a part of?

I think yes to all of these things. Can I then take time to observe my own thoughts? Can I detach my hold on what I think, to approach them as an observer, and then ask – Are my thoughts serving my highest good, or the good of others?

Taking time to be present, sit my our thoughts, assess what and why I feel a certain way and how my patterns of thinking can possibly change to something more productive, can I be more positive, more compassionate, open minded and willing to be an observer more frequently? Can I listen more intently, speak more softly, both to others and myself?

As I continue to practice, I notice I am finally starting to observe more frequently. I am less often inclined to jump in with verbal or mental chatter and more often thinking mindfully first, assessing, re-assessing, then expressing. Don’t get me wrong, I blurt or spurt crap now and then. Hopefully, I’m able to catch myself more often than not, but in those times when thoughts run away with me; hopefully, others can find compassion in their practice as well to see we’re all just doing what we can with what we’ve got.

Enjoying a life engulfed in yoga in all its facets, the physical postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation, concentration, focus, dedications to health in all its disciplines, and continuing, on-going lifetime of practice and learning. I’m in.

May we all continue to experience the adventures of the yogic path with steadiness in our seat & feet and lightness in our hearts and minds.

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