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Resume to indoor classes for September?

Just to ensure this information gets to as many as it can, as some folks still cannot seem to get my emails on the regular as they get flagged as spam mail, I figured a blog post might make it more accessible.

September offerings at Wilton Hall:

Monday 7pm

Thursday 9am

Thursday 6pm

We'll need at least 5 committed people for the entire month for each class to run.

You'll be requested to pay for your sessions up front for the month. If we get minimum 5, then we can add possible drop ins for those who are unable to attend each week.

Costs are fully laid out on the website.

Zoom at noon on Thursday will continue as long as we have minimum of 3 for a class.

If, in the event we don't get sufficient bodies for a specific class to run in person, we can shift to a zoom class option if people are interested.

We have interest band commitment happen from some already, which is great, bit we still need plenty more before we hit to 'go' button. 😉

I'll update the website by tomorrow with the schedule and registration page so that you can register for the day of your choice. If you are unable to commit to each week, then you'll need to get a hold of me to register. The system can only handle 1 style of class options (as a group of classes or as single classes. It will not allow me to offer both options).

For those on the mailing list, please check your spam mail folder from time to time to see if our messages are landing there.

I hope you are well. As always, open to questions, comments, concerns.

I look forward to practicing with you.

In health & happiness,


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I can’t commit to September because of the trailer, but from October on I am a go on Thursday mornings.

20 de ago. de 2021
Respondendo a

Okay Linda. I'll update that.

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