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Our New H'OMe is on its way 💓

We just needed patience, consistent open mindedness, clear vision and willingness to listen to the signs.

Alas, we found our forever home. Plans are under way. While, it will take the year to get our living situation stable and sustained, we'll all need to continue to be patient to get the studio back up and running. I'm cautiously optimistic that summer classes may happen outside near the river if folks are interested.

The great news.....drum roll please.......27 acres of hardwood trees, the entire northeast side of the property runs along the river bank, we will be the last house on a dead end, so it is VERY private, quiet, peaceful and positively stunning. I can't wait to witness the sights with each season. We are truly blessed. I look forward to being in nature in a whole new way. 🙏👣🐾🌱🧘💖

Now for some, the 'not so great' news.....the studio format may change a bit given my long terms goals, ideas, hopes and our location. While the land is not where we were planning or hoping for, it hit sooooo many other requests. And it spoke to both of us right away. The property doesn't have a fire number/assigned numbered address yet. That will come with planning, development and time.

Sheffield Bridge Road, Camden. We are off County Road 4 north of Centerville. I know this will be disappointing to some as it will potentially impact your desire to attend given the distance, while others, it may translate to about the same time of travel, just a different direction.

We'll continue to live and work from Yarker Road, until such time as the house is 'move in' ready (in our terms) 🤣😁

As we continue the make progress I'll keep people in the loop.

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Stephanie Maraczi
Stephanie Maraczi
Jan 17, 2022


It looks so beautiful. Congratulations.

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