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Nutrition as a part of primary health care? (or that of your four legged loved ones)

Absolutely. I truly believe that everyone should have a Nutritionist as part of their primary health care team.


The answer is simple. You’re cells are made up from the nutrients you obtain from your diet. Plain and simple. The old saying, you are what you eat is certainly true. But more so, you are what you eat, assimilate and absorb, meaning that you need to eat well, digest well and be able to actually use what you obtain.

What you put in your mouth matters a great deal. There are many facets of life that are beyond our control. In fact, much of life is beyond our control. As much as we’d like to think that ‘we’ve got it’, or that we should strive to get our lives together & look on the outside that we have everything all running smoothly, this is just an illusion. What we can control for certain are the choices we make. We always have choices, whether we like them or not.

Doing our best to choose what is healthful, productive and will fuel our bodies & our minds is something we are in control of. We can chose what to eat & drink, how much, how often & when we like. This can have a drastic effect on the cells that make up our cells and how we feel.

Whether you are affected by a minor, acute issue like a skin rash, or by a chronic health concern like diabetes, high blood pressure or an auto-immune disease or the likes of cancer or arthritis & other inflammatory conditions, nutrition has a definite role to play.

What we eat & drink today later on builds the cells, tissues, organs & organ systems that make up who we are.

Both your body & mind are much more likely to be healthy if you eat & drink well. If you consume fast food, junk food, pop, coffee & alcohol regularly, your body will not obtain the nutrients it needs to sustain healthy cells. Your calorie count may or may not be sufficient to maintain weight, but the health of the cells is another matter.

You may or may not look or feel great on the outside, but are you feeling great on the inside? If you are feeling unwell, if you have a minor health concern or a major health issue, does your body get the proper nutrition it requires, or could you make some improvements?

Seeking the guidance of a Holistic Nutritionist can help people to define or refine current food habits, establish or re-enforce good eating patterns focusing on nutrient dense foods that provide your body with a wealth of health promoting factors. This also runs true for our furry friends. If they eat well, they are more likely to be well.

I’ve spent years defining and redefining my food and as I change, so does my food and beverage intake, not just in volume but also diversity, how, what & when I prepare, and even where I source it. I am always keen to keep up with my body’s needs and as the changes keep coming, my mind needs to be flexible to adapt and keep changing. I explore new things, revisit old things and attempt to work with the information I have. When I don’t have what I need, I again, begin exploration and learning.

If you find yourself wanting to improve how you feel inside & out, if you want to make better choices with food, you want to find flexibility within your body & mind, you need more focus or a more positive outlook, you want to better manage your stress or simply just want to make a change, but need someone to be supportive or guide you, maybe I can be of service.

While my nutrition consulting has been an on and off occurrence in my professional life; have found a re-connection & calling to offer my services again in this capacity. I think over the years, my patience & understanding have grown. My ability to establish stability & consistency is improving, and my passion for good health & great food continues to grow. Over the years I’ve offered services to both people & at one point, exclusively to companion dogs and cats, but now, let’s bring it all back together.

Let’s talk food!

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