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My Ideal World

Truth, Freedom, Community, Fresh Air, Connection & Respect for Nature, Dedication, Health, Vitality, Access to Good Food & Clean Water. Security and freedom from Fear, a sense of Integrity, Dedication to work, family and mother nature, Self Awareness, Compassion, Patience and the Pursuit of Happiness.

All these words come together to bring about my ideal world. A place where people can feel safe to express their needs, wants and feelings. A society that fosters trust in one another through community efforts, willingness to help support each other, all while sharing in each others strengths.

True leadership, I feel is done by example. True leadership, I believe is found in someone who can uplift their people, bring them together and create a sense of belonging and community for ALL. Division, segregation, name calling, belittling....NONE of which are tactics a true leader will use. Such a shame. A true leader doesn't use tactics.

I hope for and want to manifest an altruistic leader. Putting out into the world the desire for someone who has a real sense of care for their fellow citizens, without alternative motives. Someone wanting to do good when no one is watching. Someone who can provide leadership with strength, passion, compassion and with everyone's best interest at heart. I'm not sure if an "Altruistic" leader in our current world frame exists. Is it possible to have our 'cake and eat it too'? I'm not so sure that the way the world seems to be headed, that a true leader is out there? I really hope I'm wrong. Back to practice I guess.

How do we build a world where EVERYone belongs? How do we find and embrace change for the good? Where can we find the strength to continue on and hopefully leave the world slightly better than what we came in with? The only answer I truly know is through YOGA. The 8 limbed path that is breathing, moving, dedication, action, concentration and soooo much more. We are all on this earth together. Let's try to each day, do more than just be here and survive. Let's try to thrive. Together in community. Let's not let another day go by with regret, disconnection, segregation, separation. Let's approach each day with a willingness to just keep practicing.

Let's build a better world through practice. Maybe, just maybe, my ideal world, your ideal world can be a little bit better than it was yesterday.

In health & happiness,


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