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Updated: Feb 5, 2022


Our plans are moving forward, all be it, slow at this time. Weather change will be the first major shift needed for a lot of physical stuff that take place. But our new home will come all in good time. Studio plans, with mother nature's beauty as a backdrop will manifest. Community space, camping options, and more are in the planning mix. I hope to build a whole community with teachers, local health practitioners and nature lovers United. In the interim....

Discussions have begun with Constance from Lavender Queen lavender farm on County Road #1 in Yarker. She plans to open in late spring and would like to offer weekly yoga classes in the lavender fields. What a lovely idea!

Yoga, aromatherapy, nature, how fabulous?! We have a phone conversation scheduled for the end of February to work out some ideas and start planning. Hoping to have summer classes running each week. Please connect with me to share any thoughts or ideas, requests or suggestions to help guide us in our plans.

Visit Lavender Queen's website to see how and what is happening with Constance's land. County Road #1 in Yarker on the Napanee River.

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