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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Yogic Lifestyle Practice: Living in moderation “Brahmacharya”

Being mindful of what you choose to focus on, what you pay attention to, how much you eat, what you eat, where you choose to spend your money, how much time you devote to doing things. All of these things and so many more relate to this facet of yoga. Using your energy wisely, conserving what should be conserved and expending energy and focus on things of value is of great service to your body and your mind.

Can you consume less, conserve more, focus more on what your needs are, versus your wants?

Can you practice moderation in all of your daily actions? When it comes to food you love, can you limit your consumption? If you are a shopper, can you discern what you need, versus what you want and by pass that new shirt that you don’t really need?

Can you spend less time on electronic devices and social media and more time in nature and with loved ones & friends?

Posture "Asana": Bound Angle "Badha Konasana

Some physical benefits:

*opens the hips

*core strengthening & spine lengthening

*if practicing bound version – strengthens legs and gluts muscles

*helps to relieve cramps

*helps to balance hormones & reproductive organs

*if practicing “butterfly version” – allowing the legs to “bop up and down” in conjunction with bumble-bee breathing (bhramari), can help to reduce stress and encourage movement of prana throughout the body.

Bound Angle (seated)

forward folded w/ supports

Reclined w/ supports

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