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Difficult Decisions - effective immediately

It is with much sadness and frustration that I was pushed into a difficult decision today. I must again remind myself, just like I say in class that “We always have a choice. We may not like it, but we always have a choice.”

When confronted with 2 paths, a choice must be made.

The president of the Wilton Community Association stopped by the hall this am to put out the recycling and to chat with me for a few minutes. I really like the president, he’s a very nice, considerate person and he wasn’t too keen on asking what he needed to ask. We have had a good working relationship this past month and in the previous times I have used the hall, so it was not easy for either of us to work through this. At the end of our discussion, I asked if he would confirm with the Township their desires. After class he stopped by again to confirm. A decision needed to be made and thus it was.

The township that overseas the running of the hall and dealings with Community Association has asked their president to begin enforcing the “proof of vaccination” mandate. He was hesitant to ask me, because he feels that the mandate is unfair and that a persons personal health choices are their own, which I fully align with. I do not believe it is right to force anyone to do anything with their body. Their body, their choice. Which brings me to my point and the painful truth that I must now stop teaching at the hall. With no other recourse, there will be no further classes at the hall, until such time as thing change with the mandate.

I do not believe what the government is currently doing is right. Everyone should have the right to choose what happens to their own body and what does or does not get injected, more to my point. I believe in the rights and freedoms of each individual person to choose what is best for them.

This past year and a half, I have tried to stay as positive as possible, keep continue and just move forward as best as I know how. My continued dedication to my own practice has helped me to maintain the capacity to do so. With this last straw, I am really struggling. I am angry, frustrated and saddened that this is affecting you, me and everyone. All that said, I am going to take some time and just stop teaching. I feel I have hit a frustration point that does not lead me to offer the best teaching I can. I really do not feel connected with the zoom platform and although some appreciate the benefits that it provides, I struggle with it as a means of really connecting with students.

For those that have paid for the October session (in person or zoom), I will refund your money (minus the value of any classes you may have already attended in October – Monday night and Thursday morning, if applicable).

This breaks my heart, but alas, choices needed to be made.

I will continue to add content to the “members only” page of the website. Some students are appreciating this option. Last week I was able to add a “membership fee option”. If you wish to maintain access to this page, there is now an option to pay a monthly fee to access it. Or if you would like to use the funds you have already paid for the month of October (if applicable), I can use those funds towards that and either pay for a month or more upon your direction.

I hope to add at least 1 audio class/week to the existing classes. These new classes, of course, would just be me – talking through a class option – likely as I practice it. Please feel free to send me vibes for things you might need. I’ll try to tune in every now and again to “feel” my way through.

Please feel free to reach out and connect with me via email, text or call. I’ll honestly and candidly answer questions about this or any concerns or comments you might need to address. If you are unsure of what you have on your “pass”, I can let you know. If I don’t hear from you within a week, I will simply refund your money via etransfer, or give you cash back if that is your preference.

Until I connect again (which, hopefully is not a long time), I wish you all the best in health & happiness,


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Sherry C
Sherry C
Oct 07, 2021

So very very sorry to hear this, I haven’t been able to come around since the beginning of this whole BS but plz know you are in my thoughts and this news (well not completely surprising) breaks my heart. You have helped so many Joanne and I hope to touch base with you in the future, I miss connecting….

💗 🙏 🧘‍♀️

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