Welcome to our H'OMe

Thank you to my students for your dedication to your practice - please connect with me to stay in touch, during this challenging time for all of us.

The studio is currently closed for an undetermined amount of time.  We do however, have re-opening plans on the horizon with a new studio, expanded services & wellness options.  Please stay tuned for more updates as our plans progress for our new H'OMe. 

Our new site will be situated within 27 acres of hardwood forest connected to river front.


Our new studio & practice space promises to be peaceful, refreshing, grounding, connected and a place where people can practice safely, in a sense of community and continue to learn, grow and thrive in health & happiness.

If you wish to access our on-line audio bank of recorded classes, please click here.

Students that wish to access our live class audio bank recordings (previously recorded), can pay for a monthly membership for only $9.99.  Click here to buy a membership

Jo-Anne & Jade: my most loving & 

loyal yoga teacher.


Basic Belly breathing audio recording below.  Just click on the arrow 

Diaphramatic Breathing basics
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Compassion response to blog 1021Jo
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Health Services

currently unavailable

As we patiently await our new Wholistic Health Centre

Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consulting

* Full Health assessment, diet, lifestyle & supplementation for people, dogs & cats.  Info click here

Live Cell Microscropy

* Live & Dried Blood Cell Analysis

Info click here

Aromatherapy Consultations

* Health Consultation w/ focus on utilizing essential oils customized to client needs.

Aromatherapy Body Care Sessions

* Aromatherapy  Facials, Detoxifying Body Scrubs, Seaweed Body Wraps.  Info click here

Studio Shop & "Farmacy"

currently closed.

The studio has a great selection of holistic health items, yoga props & clothing, aromatherapy essential oils, selected seasonal food items, skin care products, health resources, and supplements. 


For advice and specific health guidance for your particular needs is available for private consultation. Contact Jo-Anne to schedule an appointment.

We also have a lending library with a variety of health related resources that can be signed out.

General Inquiries Contact us by email

Give us a call or text message:


New Student Form
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Yoga Welcomes EveryBODY

Jo-Anne is keen to pay special attention to alignment, safety and honours individual student abilities.  Jo-Anne does her best to create a positive experience through individual attention to student’s needs, and hopes to create an environment where students feel comfortable and at ease.  

Most classes can accommodate all levels of student experience & understanding.

If you are new to the studio, or new to yoga in general and are unsure of which class will suit your needs, please use the contact form below to request information.

While we await our new space, please feel free to connect with us and ask questions or share your thoughts in all things yoga.

Yoga means "union"


At the studio, Jo-Anne infuses yogic knowledge not just relating to poses (asana) and breath (pranayama), but also allows the knowledge to translate into students everyday lives.  Offering tips on how to bring the lessons we learn while enjoying our asana practice into daily life.


Identifying stress, patterns and habits, limiting beliefs, rigid thoughts, fears, passions, goals and so much more is all a part of the learning process that can be discovered while enjoying yoga.


Not only do we offer a wide variety of class styles (gentle hatha, hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, power, stability ball), and each class is different.  Jo-Anne enjoys creating classes on the fly incorporating the needs of the students present in the class from their daily experience - making each class unique and relevant.

Come and let's learn together!



Private Classes for individuals & small groups or One-on-One Sessions
If you're unsure about attending our public classes or have a small group of people you'd like to enjoy having a private class with Jo-Anne is happy to book sessions that can be catered to your specific needs and desires for practice.  Click here for more information.

Gift Certificates Available
I'm happy to create a custom gift certificate (printed or e-cards) for any value, or for a specific product or service.
They make great gifts
Meeting the needs of students in Tamworth, Enterprise, Centerville, Harrowsmith, Odessa, Yarker, Camden East, Newburg, Verona, Sydenham, Kingston, Napanee & Beyond since 2012.
Our studio location is currently closed, however we have purchased land and plans have started for our new space.
Stay tunes for more information.