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Exciting News to support your health

Are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Are you fatigued or just not feeling quite right?

Are you stressed or anxious about all that is happening in the world?

Are you overwhelmed with life, work, time commitments or experiencing challenges with our new normal?

Do you need a energy boost?

Are you struggling with sleep?

Do you struggle to stay focused and get things done?

Do you worry that you may not be getting all the nutritional support you need?

Is your diet lacking something? or maybe you just don't really want to eat all those veggies everyday...

Good News...there's help...nutritional support and physical support are on the way.

Nutritional support...

If you haven't heard about the benefits of Karen Marine Phytoplankton, boy are you in for a treat! Click on the attached pdf below for a peek at this awesome supplement that.

Karen Phytoplankton Information Brochure
Download • 2.04MB

This amazing super food is coming to the studio. I'm so excited and happy to be able to offer this great power packed nutritional support to clients, students, family and friends!

It's a once day, simple dose that's easy to take (tablets or powder), has AMAZING benefits and suitable for most people to take.

(Please check with Jo if you are currently on medications for blood or heart, as these may be contra-indicated for phytoplankton supplementation).

I'm also offering on-going private nutritional consultation and support, live cell microscopy for those looking to improve their own health and well-being through education, support, sound nutrition, supplementation and health lifestyle tools.

The steps pictures above are now here to welcome each client on their way to finding optimal wellness.


Physical support....

Although we may not be able to practice in person together as a group, I've started offering zoom yoga classes. The test classes weren't without their little challenges, but the response was positive, so we are a go for classes on-going. Check out our website with the link below for more information. You can also register on the website.

Current pass holders can use up their classes or if you are not a current pass holder you can purchase classes specific for zoom through Jo. Just send an email, text or give a call. Happy to chat! Always happy to see current students, new faces and old friends to their mats!

Yoga welcomes everyBODY

I hope to see you on your mat soon and would love to hear from you about support for your physical & mental well-being!

In health & happiness,


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