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Affirmations for your Main Energy Centres

In these continued trying times, we can all use a bit of help, connection, positivity and re-affirming. Affirmations are clear, concise statements that can help in the process of mental "re-programming" away from a negative narrative into a more positive, constructive and productive mental outlook. Below are 7 affirmations you can use to help build positive energy through your 7 main Chakras (pronouced "cha" as is chair, "kra", as is crawl), which act as energy channel in the body.

Top of head (crown) - "Sahasrara"

I attend to my silent witness (self observation)

I acknowledge my talents

I serve others

Between the eyes (third eye) - "Ajna"

I practice detachment (honouring what is mine and what is not - things, thoughts, actions)

I embrace uncertainty

I surrender to pure potentiality

Throat - "Vishuddha"

I am clear in my intentions

I trust the outcome

I practice present moment awareness

Centre of the chest (heart) - "Anahata"

I practice acceptance for myself and others

I accept responsibility for my own actions and thoughts

I surrender to the devine

Middle of ribcage (solar plexus) - "Manipura"

I witness my own choices

I consider the consequences

I listen to my own heart

Four fingers width below navel - "Svadhisthana"

I practice breath awareness

I cultivate gratitude

I acknowledge my needs

Perineum (sacrum) - "Muladhara"

I cultivate stillness

I commune with nature, as I am a part of

I practice non-judgment

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