Yoga VIDEO & AUDIO Classes & Clips

This page is dedicated to video & audio recordings for your practice at home or away.   You can play the clips directly while on the site or download them directly onto you computer or use a memory stick for display away or on your TV. 
Things to have on hand:
*Yoga Mat
*Yoga Blocks, strap, cushion or bolster
*Blanket, pillow & warm socks
*Clock, stop watch or other time piece (even though it's a video, you may wish to pause it to extend your holding of a posture, either in the midst of the video, or to length your integration time at the end).
*Music, if you wish to have it playing.

Yoga Video Classes/clips                                          Scroll to bottom of the page for Audio Classes & Clips

Each class video has a set price for the download starting at $0.99, if the you hover over the clip and there is no fee posted, the clip is free to watch.  A variety of class styles and levels of practices are available ranging from gentle to more vigorous. 

To purchase video or audio recordings you'll need to "log in" to the website.  If you have not become a member, please do so to make a purchase.  We promise your information will be kept confidential and we will never use your information for any other purpose than is intended through respectful communication and access to recorded materials.

You can either play the clips right from the website, or download the clips to your device to practice again and again.

Audio Clips for download

Free recordings will play when you click on the arrow or download where indicated. 

Low Cost recordings indicate price & are downloadable.  You'll need to subscribe/be logged in to purchase.

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