This page is dedicated to clips & yoga videos for your practice at home or away.   You can download directly onto you computer or use a memory stick for display away or on your TV. 
When establishing an at-home practice, please consider a space where you can focus, free from all distractions if possible (including family, animals, cell phones & other devices).  Choose a place where you have sufficient room to move freely, mindfully and with ease. 
The space should be comfortable in atmosphere and temperature.  Make sure you have all the supplies you may require before you start so you don't have to interrupt your practice to get something.  Things to have on hand:
*Yoga Mat
*Yoga Blocks, strap, cushion or bolster
*Blanket, pillow & warm socks
*Clock, stop watch or other time piece (even though it's a video, you may wish to pause it to extend your holding of a posture, either in the midst of the video, or to length your integration time at the end).

Yoga Video Clips

Free Clips for download

These brief yoga sessions are ideal for those smaller pockets of time where you'd like to enjoy a brief practice without dedicating an entire hour or more to your well being in one session

Yoga Asana Video clips (short)

Yoga Classes

Full Classes for download

These classes vary in length from 30 to 75 mins.  When you have the time and need a full practice.  Each practice is briefly described below the clip including style & length

   COMING SOON... full length yoga classes that you can download.  Full class clips will be individually priced for purchase and download.

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