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Spring Cleaning for Mind, Body & Home

This year’s early arrival of spring has me jumping right into all thoughts of renewal, recharging, and refreshing body, mind and home. Spring cleaning is something more than just cleaning up winter messes outside and washing your windows.

Mental spring clearing

Just a few days ago I finally decided it was time to take a break (maybe semi-permanent) from social media. I know this type of “connection” to the world can provide some much needed laughs and smile from great posts from friends sharing family, furry friends, flowers and joy, as well as general information; however, there is unfortunately a lot more that is not so joyful and downright anxiety making. As humans, we seem to easily get caught up into sadness, anxiety, fear, negative thought patterns & judgement of one another and ourselves. So, I decided in my own best interest for self-preservation, mental health & overall well-being that social media is just not serving my highest good. I need to get my information and connection elsewhere.

The start of spring detoxing. Ahhhh, that was a good choice. A few days in and I must admit I am really glad I have decided to find better uses for my time. It is much more nourishing and renewing. And if I need to access information, I still can, but with less stimulus or being bombarded with so much information all simultaneously, all the while having everyone’s opinions attached. Much more mentally manageable.

Physical spring clearing

Next on the spring cleansing list is the physical movement and mindfulness. Throughout the winter I have enjoyed incorporating a meditation time in with my morning walk. At some point in the walk, I stop, face the sun, lift my head, smile, breath deeply, close my eyes and just listen. Finding stillness in the morning, just listening, breathing and being. What a delight, even with the cold air. I’m going to keep this practice into the spring and enjoy the freshness of green grass starting to appear and the simply joy of listening to the birds chirping away. Trying to find the lightness of both body and mind is essential in the spring. Enjoying more sunshine and warmer temperatures and milder weather means we can spend more time without multiple layers on. Get some much needed sun our a face, air onto and around our skin and breath the fresh scents of spring. Soon, I’ll be digging in the dirt and working in the garden. YAY! My hope is to get my vegetable garden fully set this year and then continue to work away at the garden beds about the house for herbs and flowers. I can smell & feel it already. This makes me smile 😊

Nourishing spring clearing

Over winter we tend to reach for satisfying, fatty, rich, sweet and sometimes junkie food to fuel the minds need for comfort. During this time, it’s easy to slow down, become sluggish, fatigued and weighed down by thoughts. Hopefully with the arrival of spring we can begin enjoying the nourishing task of spring clearing with fresh foods, re-dedicate ourselves to food awareness and how seasonal foods can bring us new vitality and energy. Sprouts and spring greens can help usher in the warmth, mixed with whole grains, beans, lentils or fish/meat proteins make nice combinations this time of year. A marriage between hearty/warm and fresh/cold to bring us renewal and encourage clearing out the body’s stagnation.

Doing a spring cleanse or detoxification protocol can be extra satisfying this time of year to lighten both the body and the mind. Clearing out extra physical stagnation and allowing the mind to lighten and refresh itself can bring improvements to the mind and the body through reduced &/or modified food intake, increase in fluids through water, vegetable juices and herbal teas. I myself have decided to undertake the “Master Cleanse” plan for 3 days this spring as a way helping to shift my thought patterns, inspire my physical body to detoxify and lighten and prepare myself for the increase activity that take place for me in the spring and summer months. The “Master Cleanse” can be adjusted to the length of time that suits your needs and is very simple, effective and doesn’t require a huge amount to preparation. The downside for some (if you are Pitta like me), not having food for any length of time is generally not something to look forward to. During this type of cleanse, I will abstain from anything other than vegetable or fruit for the first day, while consuming the “master cleanse” combination beverage of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. On the second day, I will consume only the “master cleanse” beverage and on day three, I’ll repeat day 1. I’ve done this in the past with great results. Coming out the other side feeling much more joyful, light, fresh and ready to handle each day.

Environmental spring clearing

In the spring, let’s take time to visit all things fresh, new, green, refreshing and inspiring, re-fueling with great food, sunshine, rain, soon to be vibrant colour and a re-dedication to health & well-being. The change from less darkness to more light brings about a great opportunity to cleanse the body and mind, along with our surroundings. Choosing low chemical/no chemical cleaning products for our home is not only better for the environment, but also our body’s as well. Many alternatives exist to create a clean, healthy & happy home free from chemical perfumes, surfactants, petroleum-based lubricants and degreasers. Trying cleaners that are naturally based, such as coconut oil derived soaps, utilize essential oils, pure water, borax, vinegar and baking soda or cleaning clothes that utilize only water as the cleansing solution.

Use rags, instead of paper towels for quick clean ups and hand washing and incorporate re-usable mops instead of disposables. Spritz essential oils into the air instead of air fresher canned products or plug ins. All these little steps go a long way to keeping chemicals low in our home, environment and our bodies.

If you’re interested in incorporating spring cleaning into your routine and you have questions, need support or haven’t done a spring detox before and want to learn more, touch base with me. I’m happy to help out and assist in guiding you into a new pattern of health renewal for you, your loved ones (including your pets) or your home.

I've been involved in the holistic health field for over 25 years. Let my experience & education help guide you in incorporating health & wellness as a priority in your life.

In health & happiness,


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